If you're a fan of Subaru Tecnica International – better known as STI – tomorrow is going to be a very good day. Not only are we seeing the new WRX STI Type RA, we'll see the U.S.-spec version of the once-forbidden-fruit BRZ tS (something we had a feeling would come this way). We saw a preliminary teaser of this car (wing!) late last month, and today, Subaru offers this second preview via its Facebook page.


Now, before you get your hopes up, know this: there likely won't be a power upgrade. The last BRZ tS kept the powertrain intact, instead focusing on a number of suspension and aerodynamic upgrades to make the coupe an even better superstar for track-day fun. Our own executive editor Seyth Miersma had a chance to drive a Japanese-spec, pre-facelift BRZ tS two years ago, and came away from the experience calling it "damn good."

Subaru currently offers the BRZ with a Performance Pack in the U.S., and we love it. The tS will simply be another step up, a more track-focused version for folks serious about getting the most out of the BRZ. The Performance Pack car is as charming on the street as it is on a circuit, and holy moly, this tS sure seems like it'll be a good time.

We'll know more tomorrow, when the tS and the WRX STI Type RA are revealed to the public.


Source: Subaru via Facebook

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