He still hasn’t been caught despite dropping the biggest clues in the universe.

For the record, Motor1 is by no means a source for information on how to steal cars. Our only experience on the matter stems from what we’ve learned thrashing the Grand Theft Auto franchise for the past decade. However, if we were to actually try and steal a real-life car, we’re pretty confident we’d do everything possible to conceal our identity. Common sense would then dictate you should not give your driver’s license to the victim. But hey, if thieves had common sense they wouldn’t be thieves, right?


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As facepalming as it sounds, this is exactly what took place at a Texas dealership on May 27, according to a report from The Drive.  A rather brazen individual paid a visit to Auto Blvd. LLC in San Antonio and took a liking to a 2010 Infiniti G37. He was talking with a salesman about the car and asked for the keys, which the salesman handed over while finishing up a transaction with another prospective buyer. The guy took the keys, got in the car, and drove away.

That is, except for one small detail. He’d already given the dealership his state issued identification, which they copied. Beyond that, surveillance cameras captured the perp driving away, and it seems the dealership has his phone number too. Things don’t look good for our not-so-clever car booster, do they?

But here’s where the story takes another WTF twist – the guy is still on the loose despite all this, and apparently, enjoying the hell out of his free G37. The report says the dealership owner paid a visit to the suspect’s address, where relatives confirmed he lived there but "hadn’t been around for weeks." It’s not clear if the dealership contacted police before doing this, but regardless, the missing G37 has been spotted on the road several times since disappearing from the lot. Apparently, the dealership even texted the thief offering ransom money in return for the car.

We’d love to keep railing on this car thief for being as bright as a black-ops helicopter, but apparently leaving all your vital contact information with the dealership is the key to a successful boost. In any case, best of luck to the dealer on reclaiming the stolen Infiniti.

Source: The Drive