Remember the little guy in high school that the jocks always picked on? This Prius-versus-Brabus incident from London is every clichéd story you’ve ever heard about the underdog, or the long shot, or the nerd rage that comes out of nowhere to wreak havoc on those who would mock those of smaller stature. 


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In any case, this particular crash didn’t involve any sort of literal rage or ill intentions. It was just a run-of-the-mill fender bender, except it involved a larger-than-life Brabus-tweaked Mercedes G500 and a plucky Toyota Prius – you know, the sort of car Brabus G500 drivers might mock as they rumble down the roadway. This particular Brabus belongs to a famous watering hole in London called Buddha Bar, and was used to shuttle restaurant patrons around town. You know, the ideal use for a massive four-wheel drive sport-ute with a thumping V8.

According to The Drive, the big Benz blew a red light as the aforementioned Prius came through the intersection for the t-bone. Now, if you had to guess which vehicle would still be driveable in a Prius-versus-Brabus collision, which would you choose? Yeah, you’d be wrong, but that’s okay because we’d be wrong too.

From the looks of things the Brabus rolled at least once, and reportedly took out a bus stop as a result of the accident. Thankfully there were no significant injuries in the collision, but the Brabus had to be towed off the road. Meanwhile, the Prius is spotted moving around under its own power – albeit without a front fascia.

So the next time you spot a Prius from the comfortable perch of your four-wheel drive runabout, don’t underestimate the power of electricity versus a high center-of-gravity. 

Source: The Drive, TheTFJJ via YouTube

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