Steady sales growth and repeat business are never a bad thing.

Once upon a time in America, if you wanted a luxury car you had two choices – Cadillac or Lincoln. These days the luxury segment is positively packed with choices from manufacturers all around the world, but Lincoln says its customers are the most loyal of them all. Or at least that’s what IHS Markit says in a recent study. The research company’s report cites Lincoln as having the highest loyalty rate for new car buyers in the luxury segment through the first quarter of 2017.


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The study is based on households that previously bought a new vehicle, then returned to the market to purchase or lease another new vehicle from the same manufacturer.

“For Lincoln, it’s about providing quality vehicles and exemplary service,” said Lincoln Motor Company President Kumar Galhotra in a press release. “This tells us we’re moving in the right direction.”

That direction would appear to be up. The company says owner loyalty is driven by sales of its MKC and MKX crossovers, and the Ford Fusion-based MKZ. Lincoln’s Pickup and Delivery service for maintenance and service work is also credited for increasing customer loyalty. The automaker says 15,000 rides were completed through the end of 2016, and with the service now standard for all 2017 models, that number is expected to top 50,000.

Lincoln is still struggling to redefine itself in the highly competitive luxury segment. Whereas Cadillac has taken strides to compete with German and Japanese brands like Audi and Lexus, Lincoln still has something of an old fashioned feel to its models, even new ones like the Continental.

That said, the manufacturer has enjoyed slow-but-steady sales growth over the past four years, including a six percent increase so far through 2017. 

Source: Lincoln

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