The re-used batteries can store electricity from a home's solar cells or recharge from the grid during off-peak hours to lower energy costs.

Renault and Powervault, an energy storage company, are partnering to recycled EV batteries for the home. It’s a win-win situation for the firms because the automaker gets a buyer for used batteries, and Powervault believes the deal could reduce the cost of its future consumer product by 30 percent in the United Kingdom.

Renault And Powervault Storage


“Thanks to this home energy storage partnership with Powervault, Renault is adding a new element into its global strategy for second life batteries, which already covers a large number of usages from industrial to residential building and districts," Nicolas Schottey, Program Director of EV batteries and infrastructures at Renault, said.

Renault’s batteries generally last about a decade in a vehicle, but they’re still suitable as stationary energy storage devices. Under this partnership, Renault will unpack and grade the used batteries, and then Powervault will create smaller packs for home use. The firm will aim its home energy storage battery at folks with solar cells, but the device will also be able to charge from the traditional power grid during off-peak times.

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Powervault will trial the recycled Renault batteries with 50 clients in the U.K. starting in July. Half of them will go to homes of M&S Energy customers, and the rest will be for social housing tenants and schools in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. The company will use customer reaction to develop the strategy for launching the product on the mass market. 

Automakers are increasingly applying their expertise from developing EVs towards making that technology work in a home. For example, Tesla now offers solar roof tiles that can charge the company’s Powerwall energy storage device. Similarly, Mercedes-Benz and BMW have also demonstrated on how their batteries could help reduce electricity costs for a family.

Source: Renault

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