Find it all too tempting to check your text messages, Facebook updates, or Snapchats while behind the wheel? Apple wants to help curb your addiction with a new feature bearing the incredibly awkward name, “Do Not Disturb While Driving.”

Announced today at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Do Not Disturb While Driving (DNDWD) will launch this fall as part of iOS 11 for the iPhone and iPad. The mode activates when the phone detects that its owner is in a car – and is not using Apple CarPlay – and will mute any incoming notifications. It can even send automated text-message replies explaining that the phone’s user is driving.

According to Engadget, DNDWD uses information about Bluetooth connectivity and nearby wi-fi networks to determine whether the phone is in a moving car. The feature will be automatically enabled whenever the phone is in a moving car, though passengers – or drivers with a blatant disregard for safety – can manually override it.

iOS 11 will launch as a free update this fall for the iPhone 5s and newer.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that distracted driving caused 3,477 road deaths in 2015, so any app that can help keep drivers’ eyes on the road instead of on the screen is a welcome feature.

Of course, don’t forget that it’s already possible to put your phone on silent and ignore it while you’re behind the wheel. And using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in a car so equipped can allow drivers to interact with their phones by way of voice commands. But if you absolutely cannot quit your smartphone addiction while on the road, and can’t wait for DNDWD to launch, perhaps Nissan’s concept Faraday cage is the solution you need.

Sources: Apple, Engadget


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Do Not Disturb while driving helps drivers stay more focused on the road. Do Not Disturb while driving helps drivers stay more focused on the road.

iOS 11 introduces a new way to help drivers stay more focused on the road with Do Not Disturb while driving. iPhone can detect when you may be driving and automatically silence notifications to keep the screen dark. Users have the option of sending an auto reply to contacts listed in Favorites to let them know they are driving and cannot respond until they arrive at their destination.

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