Set to be revealed by the end of the year.

BMW is putting the finishing touches on the open-top i8, expected to arrive on the market next year. Meanwhile, the Bavarian company is also working on a refresh for the standard version of the hybrid sports car and, according to Autocar, it will gain several important upgrades.

The exterior improvements won’t be very noticeable, but the manufacturer will give the model a pair of new headlights with a new LED design and, probably, some subtle revisions to the bumpers. Inside, expect to see BMW’s latest iDrive infotainment system with updated software and gesture controls.

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Probably the most important changes will occur underneath the sexy skin, where the hybrid system will be retuned to deliver more power. Autocar reports the combination of a 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine and a synchronous electric motor will now deliver 420 horsepower (313 kilowatts) or about 10 percent more than before, taking the car into M3/M4 waters.

All those improvements should result in a better road performance, but will also affect the starting price of the vehicle. According to the British publication, the facelifted i8 will get a slight price increase.

As for the i8 Spyder, the latest batch of spy photos suggested it will most likely get a simple canvas top, although a carbon-fiber hardtop doesn’t seem impossible, too. Some other minor changes to the body are also planned as a result of the switch to a detachable roof panel. The roadster will be based on the refreshed i8, which means it will receive the same power boost like its coupe sibling.

More about the i8 Spyder:

The updated i8 could see the light of day before the end of the year with sales scheduled to kick off in early 2018. The Spyder variant will join the range a couple of weeks later, according to different sources.

Note: BMW i8 Protonic Frozen Black and Yellow pictured in the gallery below.

Source: Autocar

Gallery: BMW i8 Protonic Frozen Black and Yellow

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