Fortunately for Tiger Woods, this latest chapter in the golfer’s life didn’t result in death or carnage on a grand scale. Unfortunately, his 2015 Mercedes S65 AMG didn’t escape unscathed. Sketchy photos have been released of the early morning Memorial Day encounter, showing flat tires with torn sidewalls and some serious tweaks to the wheels, which also appear to be quite dirty.

The Jupiter, Florida Police Department also reported damage to the driver side of the Mercedes, but with the less-than-stellar photos all we can see is a dislodged front fascia and loose fender liner on the front wheel well. If we had to guess, it looks like the pro golfer may have clipped a curb at speed – that would explain the damage to both front and rear wheels on the driver side as well as the biffed fascia.

For those who may not have the 2015 S65’s stats memorized, it’s not exactly an entry-level ride. S-Class Mercs are big and luxurious for sue, but the S65 packs a 621-horsepower biturbo V12 under its hood, which is enough to send the 17-foot, 4,800-pound sedan to 60 miles per hour in a bit over four seconds.




While the Mercedes may have been running well, recently released dash cam footage (above) clearly shows Woods wasn’t operating on all cylinders. In a statement he said prescription meds had an “unexpected reaction” on him. The professional golfer has had back issues for some time including multiple surgeries; not that it’s any sort of excuse for popping a prescription cocktail and jumping behind the wheel of a super sedan. For what it’s worth, he denied having any alcohol and blew a 0.00 breathalyzer at the scene.

When celebrities have a bad day people love to jump on the beat-em-up bandwagon, but we’re not going to do that. We don’t know why he was out at 3 a.m., and downing prescription pills without knowing what could happen is always a bad idea, even without getting behind the wheel. But it does appear he at least had the presence of mind to pull over (mostly) and stop the car before something serious happened. It was a bad night and we've all had them, so we’ll just wish him well going forward.

Source: Jalopnik, YouTube

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