The updated Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe was seen flexing its V8 muscles a couple of weeks ago and now another prototype has been spotted somewhere in southern Europe. Judging by the light amount of camouflage, it looks like the changes will be minor, which isn’t really all that surprising considering the car was revealed less than two years ago.

Those halogen headlights look out of place, but obviously the production car will feature an LED arrangement and chances are these will be slightly modified compared to the current setup. The grille's dotted camo pattern sort of reminds us of the disguise the AMG GT R had when it was being testing, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will make the switch to the meaner Panamericana grille.

There’s not much to see at the back where only the rear section of the bumper had that swirly camouflage. It gets more interesting once you take a gander at the roof where there seems to be a device with a wire that goes into the car through the passenger’s door. Mercedes might have been testing a safety and/or assistance system and that piece of hardware on the roof was analyzing the C63’s surroundings.


Although we don’t have a clear view of the interior, in some of the images you can observe there is a black piece of cloth on the dashboard. While that might indicate some changes are in tow for the C-Class, we are not expecting any big updates. It will be interesting to see whether the all-digital instrument cluster seen in the S-Class and E-Class models will trickle down to the C as an optional feature.

One thing is for sure: the C63 will continue to be offered strictly with a rear-wheel-drive layout as Mercedes has already announced the company's 4Matic AWD system will not be implemented, at least not in this generation.

Mercedes hasn’t said a word about when it will introduce the updated C63, but it goes without saying it will happen after the regular C-Class facelift’s premiere. Further down the line, the range could get a new flagship version in the form of a C63 R. Unless the Black Series badge will finally make a comeback…

Photos: CarPix

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