Over 5,000 people attended the event, and nearly 500 cars filled the track.

Even frequent readers of Motor1 may not know that our publication has become an increasingly international entity over the last 18 months. Click the “Edition” button at the top of our navigation bar, and you find 12 international editions in existence (or very soon to come), written by expert local editors, in 9 languages.

One of our strongest footprints in Europe is in the automotive paradise of Italy. Hoping to drive that message home, our Italian colleagues spent last weekend doing the kind of “brand building” that even the crustiest car guy could enjoy: hot-lapping supercars on a race track.

Motor1Days 2017

The first-annual Motor1Days in Italy was an epic event that drew over 5,000 enthusiasts to the Modena Aero-autodrome. Nearly 500 cars took part in the track day. Horacio Pagani was one of the stars of the show with his Zonda Revolucion. 

Plus, visitors could get into the passenger’s seat of amazing vehicles like a Lamborghini Huracán, Audi R8 Spyder, and BMW M4 GTS for hot laps around the course. Attendees could also experience the cleaner side of motoring by testing Toyota’s hybrids and the Hyundai Ioniq.

The video above highlights some of the fun that our Italian colleagues and visitors enjoyed at the track. It looks like a fantastic time, including a plethora of supercars. There was also more automotive fun like RC cars sliding around, scale models, and video games. Check out the gargantuan gallery with 224 photos from the event for a closer look at the action. 

This first Motor1Days is just the beginning of what we would like to be a grand tradition. With more editions coming online every month, and car enthusiasts increasingly united under the Motor1 name, we can only hope that the next event is an even greater success.

Gallery: Motor1Days 2017

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                                                 PRESS RELEASE

The First Edition of the Motor1Days has been a great and completely new show with an incredible audience and great emotion for everyone. Joy, smiles and dreams coming true at the Motor Valley, with sun and passion sizzling the atmosphere. More than 5,000 people of all ages in the paddock, many aficionados filling the track with almost 500 cars, along with 25 partners and 13 automotive brands. Everyone contributed to celebrate OmniAuto.it – Motor1.com.


Rome, 31 May 2017                                                              Press release nr. 03


Thousands of fans could drive the most popular supercars of the moment in over 749 Hot Laps. Hybrid and electric cars and technologies have been tested 903 times in paddocks and on track.

During the weekend more than 500 past and present supercars, together with classic and vintage cars participated to “the party into the party”, running under an unlimited passion. Lots of aficionados from all over Italy arrived at the Modena Aero-autodrome on the occasion of the 1st Motor1Days edition. It was great!

Many entertaining activities to experience and the possibility to meet the most famous “car” Youtubers in Italy: Andrea Farina, Giuliano Daniele, Adriano Tosi, all headed by Alessandro Lago, founder and director of OmniAuto.it. Our editors, photographers, cameramen and driving instructors joined the crowd in Experience and Test Drive areas. From the Meet Up area in the Box Motor1.com OmniAuto.it and on Facebook live, testers answered the questions on AMG Mercedes, Ford Performance, Peugeot GTI and Volvo Pilot Assist technologies; and then Alfa Romeo, Giulia Quadrifoglio and Stelvio, hybrid and electric Hyundai Ioniq and the Hybrid Challenge equipped Toyota. Cars that were used on the track were fitted with Michelin tyres, Hot Lap technical partner.

A huge crowd of fans in the Pagani's Box came to see the Zonda Revolucion and Horacio Pagani, during the Hot Lap session created to make their experience unforgettable. Early in the morning the Autodrome was full of traffic, more common during official racings. Thanks to the WeCounter system, a QuickPublish web-based device provided by Telesia Spa, we could detect and monitor the entrances and the attendees in the focus areas throughout sensors intercepting smartphones and mobiles and counting more than 5,000 participants.

People really appreciated the Motor1Days new formula, a celebration and sharing of a passion, described with the typical style that makes OmniAuto.it great since 17 years. It is the 2nd italian web site and 1st italian YouTube channel on motor information, with more than 100 million views.

The Motor1days celebrate the move to the new network Motorsport with the new brand Motor1.com, that in July will be improved and updated with fresh contents. 

Representatives of Motor1.com from French and Turkish channels also attended the event: it shows that the OmniAuto.it-Motor1.com communication pattern can involve more and more users creating a bond of trust between us and them. According to the data of the 1st edition, whenever an engine starts a contagious engagement is created, switching from the digital level to reality. 

Partners attending the event:


·      Automotive: AMG Mercedes, Ford Performance, Peugeot GTI, Toyota Hybrid e Hyundai Ioniq and Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Giulia Quadrifoglio Volvo V90, XC90 e S90, Lamborghini Hurracán, Audi R8 Spyder, BMW M4 GTS, Porsche Boxster S, Toyota GT86, Mazda MX-5.

·      Carrera Toys: http://www.carrera-toys.com/de/ people of all ages enjoyed their RC tracks.

·      Cybex: http://cybex-online.com/it iSize babychairs – in line with the new standards – were installed on cars to raise awareness among parents.

·      Car Care: https://www.lacuradellauto.it Car Detailing Specialists with their products and Technical demonstrations have explained how to take care of their own car.

·      Michelin: http://michel.in/1Ga8KZe technical partner has chosen to equip all the Hot Lap cars with the supersports Pilot Sport 4, Pilot Super Sport and Pilot Sport 4 S sport gammas. Due to the tortuousity of the track of Modena, they chose a semi-slick tire with high road performance that can work better on mixed and fast tracks, just like the ring of Modena.

·      Microsofts Xbox One: http://www.xbox.com/it-IT attending with 6 Forza Horizon demo stations

·      Milan AutoClassica: http://www.milanoautoclassica.com touchstone for the aficionados of past and present cars, participated with classic cars of great charm.

·      Bologna Motor Show: http://www.motorshow.it exhibited the McLaren 570S, 700 hp and 600 Nm, coupled with a carbon fiber frame, 1400 kg of unladen mass.

·      Radio Bruno: http://www.radiobruno.it has livened up the event.

·      RC DRIFT: http://bit.ly/2rewuft performed with professional RC models.

·      Valentino Park Auto Show: https://www.parcovalentino.com with the  Aston Martin DB11.

·      Tesla Silent Lap: 14 Teslas have compeded on tracks in total silence. The director of the Autodrome said:  “I had no words when I saw them leaving the grid without making any noise. It's the first time I see such a thing, amazing and beautiful!”

·      University of Bologna – UniBo Motorsport: presented the UBM14, a prototype SAE Formula style which won the Formula SAE Brazil in 2014   https://www.unibomotorsport.com

·      University of Modena – Reggio Emilia: MoRe Modena Racing presented the prototype that won the 2016 “Most Innovative Powertrain System” award http://bit.ly/2rPU8g7


OmniAuto.it – Motor1.com was born in 2000 and is the most completed automotive news magazine and the most important Italian web site. It is also the 1st Italian YouTube Motor channel with over 100 million views.

Moving to the international network Motorsport.com, the website has a new name Motor1.com and can join the Motorsport Network that counts 16 online channels and probably more than 4 billion users.