According to the famous meme, Chuck Norris is so strong that he would never need a pickup truck to haul anything because he’s strong enough to carry it himself. The famous martial artist is now lending some of that gusto to Fiat Professional as the commercial vehicles brand’s official spokesperson in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

The actor will star in ads for the brand starting in June, and we’ll look forward to seeing how the marketers play on his famously strong persona. Don’t expect the spots to air in the United States, though, because Norris is advertising for foreign vans and pickups like the Fullback (below), Ducato, and Doblò. However, he would probably be fit for advertising Ram's trucks, too.


Fiat FullBack


Norris is a well-liked actor by the public around the world. According to Fiat Professional, “a research test across Europe has shown him to be the best brand ambassador in terms of relevance, affinity and appeal for professional customers.”

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Norris got his big break by fighting Bruce Lee in Way of the Dragon. Through the 1980s, he starred in numerous action movies like Missing in Action and The Delta Force. In the 1990s, he transitioned to television with Walker, Texas Ranger. Conan O'Brien later played random clips from the show for his Texas Ranger Lever bit (see example below), and Norris became even bigger comedic fodder when the Chuck Norris Facts meme blew up on the Internet in the mid 2000s. For example, “They once tried to carve Chuck Norris’ face into Mount Rushmore, but the granite wasn’t hard enough for his beard.”



Source: Fiat Professional

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When Fiat Professional calls, Chuck Norris answers

30 May 2017

The famous actor, whose iconic, indestructible character also enjoys great web popularity, is an ironic incarnation of the Fiat Professional brand values and will star in a new advertising platform that will go on air in June.

In line with the new advertising platform that will go on air throughout the EMEA region in June, Fiat Professional presents its fantastic new brand ambassador. Chuck Norris, the famous US actor, film producer and martial arts expert. During the last few years, popularity on the web has been added to his successful career on TV and cinema screens all over the world: since 2005, the myth and actions of his "indestructible" character have generated viral contents - "Chuck Norris facts" - that have made him an Internet cult hero and a genuine web phenomenon.

Every digital and social platform is crammed with memes featuring Chuck Norris's amazing, ironically surreal actions, which have reached an incredibly large audience:searching for the actor obtains about 12 million results on Google and 880,000 on YouTube, with millions of views. His Facebook page has almost 6.5 million "likes", in 45 countries. A worldwide phenomenon that conveys, with endearing irony, a message of impressive determination, strength and commitment, embracing an audience of all generations thanks to the character's great appeal.

These characteristics, portrayed with such emphasis, make Chuck Norris a genuine incarnation of the Fiat Professional brand values: determination, reliability, dynamism, competence and closeness to the customer. Furthermore, a research test across Europe has shown him to be the best brand ambassador in terms of relevance, affinity and appeal for professional customers. Luckily, you don't have to be Chuck Norris or share his superhuman qualities to excel at what you do: simply trust inthe Fiat Professional full line, developed to satisfy customers' real needs with a wide offer and in expansion.

Turin, 30 May 2017