Elon Musk wants to transport both cars and people underground.

Elon Musk calls his new project The Boring Company. It's essentially an underground transport system for cars and SUVs alike in an effort to reduce traffic. Already we’ve already seen the supposed vehicle sleds rendered and visualized on film, but recently the company released photos for a new passenger shuttle that plans to do the same – but with people.

The concept was presented on The Boring Company website without comment, and shows a pod with a glass top and room for about 10 passengers, with the ability to move quickly over underground roads. The pod can be seen at a number of junctures in the video below, specifically at around 45 seconds where you can see it in its entirety.

Similar to the vehicle sleds, the shuttles would be boarded by passengers above ground in designated spaces before dropping into the subterranean tunnel system below. The shuttles would follow a system of tracks and would be reportedly capable of reaching speeds of up to 125 miles per hour (200 kilometers per hour).

Musk has stated previously that Tesla might produce a bus, or some type of "high-passenger-density urban transport vehicle." This concept could be the product of that, assuming it uses a Tesla electric powertrain. 

The company plans to roll out the shuttle system at a number of cities around the U.S., particularly Los Angeles, with stops at Los Angeles International Airport, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks, Westwood, and Culver City. The tunnel system will span a 40-mile (64-kilometer) loop beneath the streets of Los Angeles. Musk noted in a conference that Westwood to LAX would take just "5-6 minutes."

Source: The Boring Company

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