TH Automotive specializes in installing Porsche engines into Volkswagen vans, resulting in 558PS hybrids capable of shocking performance.

For drivers looking for something that's not the average high-performance car: Have you considered a Volkswagen T5 Multivan?

We're not talking about the typical Multivan, of course; we refer to the creations of Berlin-based TH Automobile, whose modus operandi consists of hanging Porsche engines in Volkswagen vans. The TH2 Multivan has had a Porsche 996 GT2's 3.6 liter twin-turbo engine Frankenstein-ed into place behind the fuel tank, resulting in a 558PS, 807 Nm rear-drive people-hauler. A choice of rear- or all-wheel drive is available. If you want to go truly wild, TH Automotive will leave the standard 150PS diesel in place up front, for double-engined goodness. Hmm, that sounds familiar...

Driving such a vehicle with its original suspension and brakes would be suicide, of course, so TH Automotive also transplants upgraded suspension and brake components from Porsche donors. Six-piston calipers up front and 4-pots at the rear ensure that this fast bus can stop safely. The suspension is lowered, and uses Porsche components as well.

At a glance, the TH2 Multivan looks stock except for the new front fascia and lowered stance, but subtle hints like a shortened tailgate and red Porsche brake calipers visible through the wheels are evidence that this vehicle has the heart of a beast. On the interior, amenities such as a Porsche steering wheel and ignition key (naturally), rearview camera and rear-seat DVD player offer a level of guest-room comfort that's not generally seen in the average 911.

Pricing for the TH2 Multivan starts at €145,000. There's a pickup version, too, with a stretched bed to accommodate the Porsche engine beneath.

Volkswagen T5 van with 558PS Porsche 996 engine by TH Auto