The door-to-door program is only available to Bentley owners for a limited time.

It’s hard to imagine getting tired of a Bentley, but that is one of the scenarios presented by the manufacturer for its new Bentley on demand service. As the name suggests, it provides members with a Bentley at the time and place of their choosing, even if it’s just because the old Mulsanne doesn’t feel posh enough for you to face a Tuesday after a long weekend. Think of it as a rental car program that’s exclusive to Bentley owners.


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To access this motorized concierge service, Bentley owners download the Bentley Network app and validate their account. Once in the system, users can then browse and reserve a range of Bentley models, which will be delivered to a location of the customer’s choosing. Per the manufacturer, a “courteous reminder” will be sent an hour prior to the reservation time, at which point the concierge will both deliver the car and brief the customer on the vehicle’s features. When the reservation is over, Bentley emphasizes the same concierge will greet the customer at the destination to pick up the car. Neat.

Presumably, that means the service isn’t valid for one-way trips. That’s understandable since most rental car reservations are round-trip affairs, and anyone who frequently travels is painfully aware of the long lines that are common at rental kiosks, especially at major metropolitan airports. Some rental agencies offer various upgrade programs that bypass the lines, for a fee of course. In many ways this service from Bentley is no different, save for the car and door-to-door service of course. And though costs aren't mentioned by Bentley, we suspect such service costs more than your typical gold-to-platinum X-brand rental membership upgrade.

For the time being, however, Bentley owners who fancy a new ride will have very limited options. The manufacturer is rolling out its on demand program in only three cities – New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas – and it’s only planned to run through the summer.

Source: Bentley


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