Why spend $85K when you can have it for $250K?

Dodge announced the official pricing for the Challenger SRT Demon last week and there’s already an eBay ad for an example of the fastest quarter-mile production car as certified by the National Hot Rod Association. Simply said, if you don’t have $84,995 to pay the manufacturer for the Demon, you could… well, spend nearly three times more and buy it from a well-rated guy on the online auction platform.

The seller says that this is “by far the most powerful, mean looking, rare, and ridiculous production car ever made,” and we are tempted to agree. If we are not mistaken, judging by the description, the guy still hasn’t even ordered the Demon and is still waiting for his appointment at the dealership.

“Upon purchase we will discuss exactly how you would like to order your car if you purchase before the order date. If you purchase after the order date then you will get the car with the options I choose.”

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Naturally, he hasn’t even seen the car he is already selling and doesn’t have its VIN number. That's a clever way to make easy money – buy a future classic, tell the world only 3,300 examples will be made, and win more than $100,000.

“The pictures above were taken by the public and show variations of the car. The way you order it is up to you. I used a different VIN because eBay doesn't allow you to post without one, and of course I don't have the VIN for the Demon yet, so please disregard that.”

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Taking into account Dodge already revealed the production of the car will begin late in the summer with first deliveries planned for the fall, you won’t be getting your Demon in less than four months from now – no matter if you order it from the automaker or call this eBay seller.

Source: eBay

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