After introducing the Karoq more than a week ago, Skoda has now dropped more images with the Yeti’s long-awaited replacement. Most of them are focusing on the interior cabin, but there is one showing a rather peculiar feature. It’s more of a gimmick, to be honest. Open the door and the LED mounted underneath it will project “Skoda” onto the floor, so that you’ll remember you haven’t bought one of the compact crossover’s sister models, the SEAT Ateca or the VW Tiguan…

Doesn’t really fit with the whole Simply Clever tagline, does it?


The reasoning behind the decision to implement such a “feature” in an otherwise sensible car is hard to understand, especially coming from a brand known for releasing no-frills models providing exceptional value for money. People in the market for a Skoda are highly unlikely to be impressed by the door-mounted LED projector, which I believe doesn’t really fit with the brand’s image.

While it’s not that big of an issue that would make some reevaluate his options for a compact crossover, it’s still downright weird to see it on a Skoda. It’s not clear from the press release whether it will be standard or optional equipment. Hopefully, customers will be given the possibility to avoid it.

Gallery: Skoda Karoq presentation

Elsewhere, the Karoq is exactly what you would expect from a Skoda: hugely spacious, straightforward exterior design, and a highly functional interior layout. It the first model from the Czech brand to come with the option of an all-digital instrument cluster and can be transformed into a van by taking out the three individual rear seats.

The Kodiaq’s little brother will go on sale in the coming months and it might receive the RS treatment further down the line. Skoda has already announced its SUV campaign will continue in the years to come, so there’s a good chance a smaller high-riding model slotting below the Karoq will eventually arrive.

Source: Skoda

Gallery: 2018 Skoda Karoq

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