It was only a few days ago when BMW introduced the lovely 8 Series concept and shortly after that someone with Photoshop skills decided to chop off its roof to create a potential convertible, one that might actually happen in real life. Now, the very same person is exploring the idea of other hypothetical derivatives for the high-end coupe by imagining a Gran Coupe model joined by an unlikely shooting brake and a downright impossible if not sacrilegious pickup truck.

Get reacquainted with the 8 Series' ancestor:

Out of the three new renders, the Gran Coupe seems to be the most plausible at this point as reports are already indicating the 8 Series family is set to expand following the coupe’s launch in 2018 with this sleek body style believed to be developed under the codename “G16.” While same had doubts about plans for an 8 Series Gran Coupe out of fears it could cannibalize sales of the 7 Series, the latest intel suggests the model has received the stamp of approval, though it’s best to wait and hear from BMW.

The shooting brake render lives up to its name as the conceptual 8 Series only has two doors, but it’s merely a design exercise created just for fun since the chances of actually coming to life are slim. That’s too bad since it looks just as sexy as the coupe, with the added practicality that comes with a longer derriere.

It goes without saying the pickup truck will never be made, although let’s not forget that BMW did toy around with the idea of doing pickups with a couple of M3s, one belonging to the E30 generation and the other to the more recent E92 model. Even if by any chance there will be a pickup truck from BMW some years from now, it wouldn’t make sense to use the 8 Series’ platform, so the attached render is nothing more than a pipe dream.

Source: X-Tomi Design (1, 2, 3)

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