The pickup truck is as big a part of American culture as NASCAR racing and weekend barbeques. Pickups can be found working hard all around the world, but with BMW and Mercedes looking to step into the luxury truck realm, it seems the rest of the world could be ready to accept the pickup as something more than a working-class conveyance. In response, Ford Transit Direct in the United Kingdom has cooked up some interesting renders of what might be in store for the pickup’s future.

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Such multi-role machines aren’t exactly breaking news in America. Pickups have always been popular in the U.S., but the 1990s saw the truck shift from solely a work-based vehicle to both a performance ride and an all-around family hauler. Flash forward 20 years, and pickup trucks like the once-utilitarian Ford F-150 are now posh cruisers with four-wheel drive, comfortable seating for five, luxury options galore, and a sticker price that can easily blow past $70,000 in Limited trim.

Gallery: Luxury Sport Pickup Truck Renders


So what about these interesting renders? The Lotus Elise looks strikingly cool as a sport mini-truck, as does the Lexus LC. The Rolls Royce is as suave as it is hilarious, and though we’d still rather have the bonkers LM2002, a Lamborghini with a pickup bed isn’t unattractive.

In fact, none of these renders sets off a gag reflex with us, though admittedly the Bentley comes close. The Ford Focus RS pickup actually looks like something the manufacturer would do anyway, but if we had to choose just one, it would be the Jaguar F-Pace. Its small crew cab arrangement with style bar along the side of the bed gives is both family functionality and pickup truck capability, and it just flat-out looks cool.

Would you have any of these pickups, or should the mere suggestion of these creations be banished for all eternity? 

Source: Ford Transit Direct Europe

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