Texas-based LCW Automotive has released one of the worst official photoshop jobs of the year which shows their newly created Cadillac DTS limousine destined for Royal Family of Thailand.

Managing to look both short and stubby despite its massive size, the new limo is built on the company's "CEO Series" platform that features a 24-inch stretch in length as well as a 3-inch increase in height for added headroom. Other design touches include air craft composite rear doors, a flat floor, and a "lavish array of personalized amenities."

LCW says "Thailand's Royal Family wanted a limousine that was discreet from the outside..." and obviously nothing is more low-key than a weird yellow almond paste colored Cadillac DTS limo with plenty of chrome detailing.

We can only hope the limo looks much better in person but as a suggestion to all the other world leaders out there, if you really want a Cadillac limousine take a look at President Obama's new ride before you check off all the customization boxes.


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