Is this the only single-seater police supercar in the world?

Briggs Automotive Company (also known as BAC) has joined forces with the Isle of Man Government to provide a BAC Mono police car – the first car from the manufacturer to have such a role. “The world’s only single-seater, road-legal supercar,” the manufacturer says, will be an active member of the fleet and will also be on display at a number of local festivals.

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The machine is basked in official police livery and is powered by a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine delivered by Mountune, producing 305 horsepower (227 kilowatts). The police Mono should have a 1,278-pound (580-kilogram) curb weight, just like the standard road-going model.

“It’s a remarkable vehicle, and clearly will be of huge interest to bikers and car drivers alike,” Andy Greaves, Isle of Man advanced driver, police motorcyclist, and collision investigator commented. “We are here to promote safe use of the road, and it’s amazing how many people want to talk to you when this is your transport. Every opportunity we get, we stop and talk to visitors. Having a show-stopper like a BAC Mono police car on the fleet makes that so much easier.”

BAC Mono police car
BAC Mono police car
BAC Mono police car

Under the full support from the Government in closing and de-restricting roads, BAC recently organized a special event for owners of Monos on the island. The “Mono Mania” gathered 20 customers and a record 12 Monos, which enjoyed “the very best of the Isle of Man on the road and track” from May 11 through May 15.

The Liverpool-based company says it has always “stayed fully committed to road safety” during its time on the island and this latest collaboration with the local government once again shows its “devotion to keeping Isle of Man roads safe.”

Source: Briggs Automotive Company

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