The Chanel Fiole is a student-made design concept, created on assignment for the Hong-ik University in South Korea.

We have a pretty slick video and several renderings to share with you, coming from the transportation design department at South Korea's Hong-ik University. Aspiring designer Jin Young Jo created this vehicle design study for luxe brand Chanel.

The student created the Chanel Fiole concept as part of a class project. Using the words "Fashion Art of Vehicle," and being assigned the brand label famous for everything from perfume & makeup to watches & jewelry, Jin developed what he felt was a matching concept. "Fiole is inspired by the peculiarity of Chanel," he said. To elaborate this "peculiarity" he used only deep blacks and reflective whites. In his video animation of the vehicle, it is hard to tell if the car is black, or white reflecting its dark surroundings. An aerodynamic form was also important to Jin for the purpose of this project. Hence, he designed the Fiole in such a way that it looks as though air would flow around the vehicle without hindering performance.

Hong-ik University claims that at least half of all Korean automotive designers have graduated from their Transportation Design program. It would certainly be nice to see Jin become successful, and bring the Chanel Fiole at least to the prototype stage.


Student Design: Chanel Fiore Concept in Video