It could be the best looking front-wheel drive TT you'll ever see.

We will say this for European tuning company and interior specialist Vilner – no matter the car, the results are always interesting. We say this because the latest creation to spring from the Vilner garage isn’t a high-dollar Mercedes, or an American muscle car. What we have here is a 1998 Audi TT, and not just any old model. This is a roadster, compete with a 180-horsepower turbocharged four cylinder engine turning only the front wheels. As near as we can tell, such a machine in good condition would retail for roughly $5,000 in the United States.


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We’re not trying to hate on the Audi; it’s just that you seldom see such treatment given to a low value car. Then again, automotive passion is anything but logical, and the TT is a glorious little runabout worthy of an interior upgrade. And this old Audi does looks great with its new clothes.

According to Vilner, this particular TT is a well-kept example that’s lived a very good life with a single owner who decided a change was in store. To make that happen, Vilner ditched the stock grey interior for some fresh soft brown leather, accented with blue seat belts, blue stitching on the steering wheel, and Alcantara strips throughout the cockpit – all to match the Audi’s deep blue exterior. The TT logo was also incorporated through the interior, notably on the seat and door inserts. The center console was given the same brown treatment, as was the central box between the seatbacks.


Audi TT By Vilner
Audi TT By Vilner
Audi TT By Vilner


The TT’s owner had already tweaked the outside, but Vilner added LED elements to the front and rear lights to help modernize the classic design. Overall, it's rather posh without getting to shouty; arguably a perfect match for the modest TT.

One thing worth noting about this refreshed Audi is something Vilner mentions in its press release, but few people stop to consider. When you have an open-top vehicle, interior design deserves extra attention because in effect, it becomes part of the exterior design. That philosophy is certainly evident with this project, and it’s something we’ll be paying more attention to in the future.

In the meantime, tell us what you think about this inexpensive Audi’s interior facelift.

Source: Vilner

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