That's what happens when you build a drag car and a family sedan in the same place.

Any specialty car like the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is bound to have some production quirks, especially when it shares an assembly line with other models. In this instance, the Demon starts life like any other Dodge Challenger at the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles assembly plant in Brampton, Ontario. But according to The Drive, the Demon’s beefy drag radials don’t jive with the production line.


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It’s not as if the 315/40-series tires are overly massive by themselves. As many people on Reddit pointed out, the Viper ACR’s steamroller rubber is much larger. Then again, the Viper isn’t assembled on a line that pumps out mass quantities of Challenger SXTs equipped with much smaller 235/55-18-inch tires. Speaking to The Drive, an FCA representative said the Demon’s 315-millimeter tire width is simply too wide to fit on the line at the plant, which incidentally also builds Chargers and the Chrysler 300.

The solution is simple. Demons are equipped with a set of blue SRT wheels wrapped with more modest rubber, which stays with the car until it arrives at an upfit center in the Detroit suburb of Redford Township. There, the wheels are swapped for the familiar five-spoke rims and drag radials before shipment to the dealership. According to some Reddit posters, the wheels are sent back to the Brampton plant near Toronto to be reused for other Demons.

This arrangement makes a certain amount of sense, as we can easily see the motivation for some customers and dealerships to try and keep the blue wheels. Such “pre-delivery spec” condition vehicles are better than gold to many auto collectors who seek the ultimate definition of factory stock. And with production capped at just 3,300 units for the 2018 model year only, the Challenger Demon is virtually guaranteed a spot in the high-dollar collector car world.

Source: The Drive, Reddit

2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon