He reminds us that the sweeping lines and gated shifter of a Ferrari 360 are something special.



You probably know John Cena the wrestler, and you may even know John Cena the actor. Those two genres aren’t exactly separate from one another, but then a few weeks back we gave you a look at a very different John Cena – the car guy – showing off his 2006 Ford GT. In reality he’s a self-professed auto geek with quite a collection of rides, and he’s been sharing them in a short-but-sweet online video series. This week he squeezes into a 2004 Ferrari 360 Spider, a machine that he says was a dream car for his teenage self.


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We’re actually quite glad he chose to highlight the 360. With all the hype over the current crop of supercars and hypercars, it’s easy to forget about the 360 and that’s a tragedy. There are some critics of the car who aren’t enthralled with the styling, though Cena’s description proclaiming it a "piece of art" suggests he’s not among them. Some also complain about reliability but let’s be honest – since when is a limited-production Italian sports car ever reliable?

The 360 Spider is a graceful machine with a proper high-revving V8 soundtrack, and Cena’s example is particularly stunning. Going over specific options like the Daytona seats and the $2,000 shield badges for the fenders tell us he isn’t just a dude with cash – he knows cars and that garners instant respect from us. He also spends quality time talking about something you’ll never see in a new Ferrari – the classic gated shifter. There’s plenty of reason to appreciate modern paddle-shift gearboxes, but nailing a precise 2-3 upshift on a Ferrari gated manual should be a bucket-list item for every petrolhead.

Often times, rich celebs talking about their cars is both boring and extremely tacky, especially when it’s obvious they care more about the sticker price than the machine. We sincerely hope Cena keeps his reviews coming, because it’s always nice to watch a proper auto geek sharing some love for cool cars.

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