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Forget Fast and Furious, we’re excited for the debut of Pixar’s Cars 3, which hits theaters on June 16. The many teasers and trailers suggest that the film franchise is back on track (literally) following the less than successful second installment. In an effort to build even more hype, remote control car builders Sphero have introduced a hyper-realistic Lightning McQueen that can be controlled via your smartphone.

Dubbed the "Ultimate Lightning McQueen," the R/C car perfectly encapsulates the character with a signature red and yellow Rust-eze livery, animatronic eyes and mouth, and even a suspension system that leans appropriately forward, back, and side to side, similar to the character's movements on screen.

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All of McQueen's movements and facial expressions are controlled via a companion iOS / Android app, which lets the user play mobile games and assist in virtual pit stops, all managed over Bluetooth. The toy even reacts when you touch it on the roof, hood, doors, or rear window, utters over 300 phrases, and has automatic headlights that turn on and off depending on the situation. 

If it all sounds extremely technical, it is. The toy is made up of over 450 parts and took the company 17 months to complete fully, says The Verge. A 320 x 120 LCD screen acts as McQueen’s "eyes," while top speed sits at a whopping six miles per hour. The toy has a 30-foot range and can last 40 minutes on a single charge.

That said, Sphero’s Ultimate Lightning McQueen will cost $300 when it goes on sale this summer. If you’re interested in another one of Sphero’s unique R/C creations, the company offers a realistic BB-8 robot from Star Wars: The Force Awakens for about half the price.

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