Remember the tale of two stubborn goats?

One of the biggest problems in crowded cities is traffic congestion on busy highways. In Istanbul, Turkey, this is particularly annoying because the road capacity is limited, but the sheer number of cars trying to use those roads continually increases. As such, the more time drivers spend in traffic, the less patience they have with their fellow motorists. That can lead to some pretty serious bouts of road rage, but it can also lead to some funny outcomes.

That explains how this particular toll booth in the Kartal district of Istanbul became the scene of a rather bizzare incident. Two drivers, attempting to go through the same booth at the same time got stuck in the middle as neither appeared willing to yield.


İki sürücü gişeye sıkıştı


It seems that the person driving the SEAT Toledo went into the side of the Fiat Egea (sold as Tipo in some countries), driven by a person named Sexer Kaya. Given that both cars are perfectly sandwiched in the plaza, it’s not entire clear who exactly had the right-of-way.

“While I was going on my way, the guy on the left came into me," Kaya told local reporters. “Naturally we crashed into the barriers. All the windows were shattered and we got stuck. It’s a really bad situation we’re in.”

Kaya left his car unscathed, however the driver in the SEAT had minor injuries. Interestingly, even though the impact was fairly light, both cars had their airbags deploy, including the side bags on the SEAT. The two cars were finally winched free from the toll booth lane after three hours of struggle. 

There’s no word on whether the drivers had ever seen an episode of The Three Stooges.


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