Where do we even begin with this video? In a single five-minute clip we get to experience a V8 Miata, a massive burnout, an apocalyptic explosion, lots of fire, useless fire safety crews, and a beer-swilling driver who doesn’t seem the least bit upset about his charred Mazda. Add a cameo by Vin Diesel and this could be a movie trailer for Fast 9.

Let’s start from the beginning. The fireworks took place last weekend at HyperFest, an annual celebration of pretty much all things automotive. Naturally that includes a burnout contest – an irresistible activity for anyone with an LS-swapped Mazda Miata. It appears the car is set up for drifting, as evidenced by the roll cage and lack of a front fascia, not to mention the #UDRIFTBRO? hashtag on the side. It also features a beverage cooler, which we’ll come back to later on.


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The burnout begins well enough, but shifting into second spells the beginning of the end. Note the engine bouncing off the rev limiter at the 11-second mark – that’s the point where the rear tires stop spinning, and we all know the inevitable outcome of a clutch burnout. The fireworks come 14 seconds later, and the resulting mix of red hot metal with flammable fluids lights up the Miata like a roman candle.

Ordinarily, that’s where the action would end, but not this time. The stellar safety crew at the track jumped in to save the day, mustering all the energy of a tranquilized elephant to ensure the safety of the driver, and to douse the flames so the car wouldn’t be a complete loss. We won’t go into detail on the ridiculously poor efforts of the fire team; we’ll just say this is a great example of how to not put out a fire.

Fortunately, the driver was okay despite the detonated clutch blowing a hole in the windshield inches from his head. In fact, he seemed downright giddy with the experience, even rushing back to the car once most of the flames were extinguished to grab a beer from his cooler. We don’t know if he was just caught up in the moment or celebrating life after his near-death experience. But this qualifies as one of the strangest and most action-packed video clips we’ve seen in some time.

And yes, he won the burnout contest.

Source: Jalopnik, YouTube

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