Lots of Nurburgring footage and Louis Hamilton in a jungle . . . what's not to like?

Nearly a year ago, Mercedes-Benz unleashed upon the world the AMG GT R in grand fashion at Brooklands in the United Kingdom. We all know about this sizzling performer – 577 horsepower from a biturbo V8, athletic suspension, a top speed kissing 200 miles per hour and enough poise to tackle the Nurburgring in 7 minutes 10 seconds. In a world of superstar machines with AMG badges, the GT R is among the best. And now, Mercedes wants to remind you just how good it really is with a five-part documentary about the car.




Ordinarily we wouldn’t be quite so interested in such things, but the marketing team from Affalterbach is about as fine-tuned as the GT R, and it shows with this Beast of the Green Hell add-on that gives a bit more story behind the car, the promo video, and everything that went into the launch event. And with each segment checking in at around five minutes, it’s a perfect automotive distraction without stressing short attention spans. Here’s a quick preview of what you can expect.

The first chapter starts where you’d expect – with the history of the Nurburgring. From there we transition to the GT R itself, which per the video included “tens of thousands of hours of testing” at the infamous track. Chapter three goes behind the scenes for the making of Beast of the Green Hell, which included actual Nurburgring footage with the jungle version of the track shot in Thailand where – as you might expect – conditions weren’t exactly ideal, what with all the heat and monsoons and such.

Chapter four continues looking behind the camera as filming wrapped in the jungle before heading to Italy for the suave Lewis Hamilton bits, and then back to the Nurburgring for more footage. Chapter five brings it all home with the official launch party and a few bragging points about getting millions of video views in just a few days. We're sure Mercedes is thankful for our role in making that happen.

All in all, it’s a worthy watch in one sitting so grab some popcorn and enjoy.

Source: Mercedes-AMG via YouTube


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