Oh the fun we could have with Legos and high-speed cameras. For car nerds like us, either one of those items by itself could easily lead to career-ending levels of lost productivity. The potential for awesome antics increases exponentially when you combine these genres, as this sinfully satisfying video demonstrates. It’s one of those things that never even entered your mind before today, and now that you’ve seen it, your life somehow feels a bit more complete. Crash testing Lego kits with a high-speed camera – why didn't we think of that?


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So here are the details. Contrary to your gut instinct, ADAC is not an Australian rock band. It’s a German-based motoring club that offers a variety of vehicle-based services like roadside assistance to members. The group also occasionally performs crash test studies, and yes, someone on the team thought it would be neat to perform a proper crash test with a Lego car.

The kit in question isn’t just another off-the-shelf Lego design. This is the Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS done in 1:8 scale, complete with 2704 pieces that offer delicious detail. The doors open to reveal a detailed interior with a working gearbox. Under the hood is a suitcase, and the rear lid opens up to show off the spiffy flat-six engine. If you were to buy this item, expect to pay upwards of $300.

This is the point where we’re supposed to warn Lego fans to look away, but we can’t. This video is far too clever and irrationally fun to ignore, and besides, it’s Lego – just snap the thing back together. Kudos to ADAC for pulling out all the stops too, because this feature has all the dramatic angles and super slow-motion effects we’ve come to appreciate in full-size crash test videos. It’s actually quite interesting to see just how much deflection there is in some of the larger plastic pieces. And don’t even try to deny the maniacal laughter at watching the steering wheel twirling its way towards the stratosphere.

We so need Legos and a high-speed camera.

Source: Jalopnik, ADAC

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