A fully electric GTE impulsE Estate concept also joins the festivities.

Yesterday’s teaser left us yearning for more of VW’s new GTI Worthersee concept. Thankfully, the wait is over – VW has dropped more than 30 photos of its – not one – but two new concepts a day early, and plenty of details to go along with them.

More VW goodies from Worthersee:

Designed entirely by a group of 13 VW apprentices, the GTI First Decade concept wears a handsome two-tone blue exterior with unique accents scattered around the body. A Satin Ocean Shimmer finish with blue chrome foil accents the Atlantic Blue metallic paint scheme. A Clubsport rear spoiler and unique 20-inch alloy wheels finish off the exterior look.

The rear seats have been stripped to give it a more racy feel, adding in new speakers and a spare tire, while the driver’s seat can be adjusted electrically using a downloadable app on a smartphone or tablet. A number of back massage and memory functions have been added. The two sport seats are wrapped in a mix of titanium black nappa leather and Alcantara with blue stitching.

Power comes courtesy of a hybrid engine producing just 410 horsepower (305 kilowatts) in total. The gas engine powers the front wheels while a 48-volt electric motor drives the rear with a maximum output of 12 kilowatts. The two drive systems can be either used separately or in unison.

But the GTI won’t be the only hot V-Dub on display. A second concept, the GTE Estate impulsE from Zwickau, will also tag along in the festivities. Again, the concept was built entirely by VW apprentices, and uses a 16.8 kilowatt-hour electric battery that doubles the concept’s range.

On the outside, the GTE wears a five-tone matt paint scheme, including colors like Oryx White, Apassionata Blue, Anthracite, Hallmark, and St. James Red. A number of vents have been added to the hood, while the steering wheel, center console, and gear shifter have all been painted accordingly. Animated, app-controlled ambient lighting has even been added to the door trim.

The two concepts together will wow crowds when Worthersee kicks off tomorrow, Wednesday, May 24.

Source: VW

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