Hyundai is releasing information and renderings about their new concept car. The Hyundai Blue-Will parallel hybrid will take a bow next month at the Seoul Motor Show.

Hyundai is releasing details on an all-new concept car being prepped for the Seoul Motor Show. The Hyundai Blue-Will is a plug-in petrol/electric hybrid making use of recycled materials on other cleaner technologies.

Hyundai is giving this vehicle a 1.6-liter petrol engine working in tandem with a robust 100 kW electric motor running on juice provided by Lithium Ion Polymer batteries from LG. LG is also supplying batteries for the Elantra LPI Hybrid and the Kia Forte LPI hybrid.

On this concept car the battery pack is coupled with the fuel tank, and mounted under the rear seat. Hopefully, LG Chem will not have any more battery explosion incidents, because having even the slightest blast near the petrol would be dangerous.

Features on the concept include a panoramic roof with dye-sensitized solar cells built into the glass. This helps send power to the batteries, while maintaining a translucent appearance. It is unclear if regenerative brakes were also used. The parallel hybrid drivetrain gets the wheels going through a continuously variable transmission. Meanwhile, recycled plastic soft drink bottles were turned into materials used for the headlight bezels. Bio-plastics, a biodegradable product made from plant extracts, were used for the engine cover and parts of the interior.

More details will be released when the car is first shown to the public. The curtain opens for the Hyundai Blue-Will in Seoul on 2 April.