Rumours claim that Lexus is going to reveal the 600hp production LF-A supercar at the highly-depleted 2009 Tokyo Motor Show. The joint Subaru/ Toyota sports car is expected to be there too.

Lexus is planning on unleashing its much-awaited LF-A sports car at the Tokyo Motor Show in November according to InsideLine. The LF-A had previously been thought to be dead in the water, however, later stories of its resurrection surfaced. Lately it has been quiet on that front until now.

This bodes well for the Tokyo show which at some point was being considered for closure this year. That doesn't seem to be realistic for now but the authorities are saying the show will be cut by four days. Some major exhibitors like Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, BMW, Nissan, Lamborghini and Volkswagen have pulled out of the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show.

Big international motor exhibitions are but one of the side industries being affected by the sharp slump in motor vehicle production and sales. It was only days ago that reports suggested the British Motor Show was cancelled from 2010.

The Lexus LF-A would be powered by a 600hp (441kW) Lexus V10 engine and be capable of sub-5 second 0-100km/h sprint times. It was supposed to be the Lexus challenger to what was the next Honda NSX but unfortunately for Honda fans that project was canned in line with cost-cutting measures.

Another probable reveal will be the rear-wheel-drive sports car jointly developed by Subaru and Toyota. The car is powered by a compact four-cylinder engine capable of 220hp (162kW). In keeping with the times Toyota will showcase a new range of hybrid and plug-in hybrid vehicles as well.


Lexus LF-A Production Version set for Tokyo Unveiling?