We might see it early December at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

When Audi had its Annual Press Conference back in March, the biggest news coming from that meeting was the reveal date for the company’s flagship model, with the A8 set to debut on July 11. There was also one little nugget that flew under the radar as the company with the four-ring logo also announced when it will take the wraps off the sexy all-new A7 Sportback. It will happen in the fourth quarter of the year.


That likely means we’ll get to see it at the Los Angeles Auto Show beginning with December 1, although an online reveal could occur a few days sooner. Audi has made the promise the all-new A7 Sportback “will continue to be the most progressive large five-door top-segment coupe” and its exterior design will have what it takes to “makes a striking statement” for the Ingolstadt-based marque.

Next-generation Audi A8, A7, A6 official design sketch

Audi has already partially revealed its new top-tier models — the A8, A7, and A6 — in an official sketch released a couple of months ago showing the front fascias of all three cars. Unsurprisingly, the A7 will have the sportiest design of the trio thanks to a prominent front bumper hosting bigger vents as well as a muscular hood with additional creases compared to the other two cars.

We will get a better understanding of the design once the A8 will be unveiled in about a month and a half. Audi has pledged to implement a bigger styling differentiation between its models thanks to a new, albeit very evolutionary, design language pinned by Marc Lichte. Some will be sad to hear the A7’s unique derriere won’t live to see a new generation as Audi revealed a couple of years ago the new one will adopt a “more mainstream butt” as a consequence to complaints coming from customers not happy with the droopy rear.

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Following the A7’s debut late this year, the hotter S7 (pictured above) will be introduced at some point in 2018 and eventually there’s going to be a new RS7 range topper.

Source: Audi

Gallery: 2018 Audi A7 Sportback spy photos

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Now let’s look at the second model series that we will renew. The new Audi A7** will continue to be the most progressive large five-door top-segment coupe. It will have its world premiere in the fourth quarter. And like the first generation, the design of the new Audi A7** makes a striking statement for our brand.