Audi is opening up about work on the A2. A new version has already hit concept stage, with execs sounding like they might give the vehicle a greenlight.

Audi has supposedly completed work on an Audi A2 concept. Audi research head Michael Dick tells Autocar that the new design study is making its rounds at company headquarters.

The aluminum A2 supermini hasn't been around since 2005. When we heard about an Audi EV being developed, we sent out a story with a rendering based on the underrated five-door. That story speculated a car with a LEDs, fiber optics, new wheels, lacquer touches, and chrome details.

We had thought the EV would be based on the platform shared by the VW Up and the Space Up, but in fact that may not be the case. The Audi exec says the new concept has been built around the idea of another new platform. "It's bigger than the Up - at least as big as the A1, but with a different body style," Dick said, indicating the use of "a group platform of the next generation."

This is a busy time for Audi and its small car business. "For now the A2 has our priority," Dick said, "and we also have to introduce the A1." They also haven't blown off the idea of building their own electric model based on the Up.

"It would have to be different from the VW and would clearly have to be premium. We are looking with interest to Toyota and what it is doing with the iQ. It also wants to be premium."

He also said the vehicle would "be recognisable as an A2 but very different from the old car." The exec suggests a conventional version as well as an electric version could be released at about the same time. The upside means Audi will do their best to make sure the A2 is a longer-lasting product than the original generation. The downside is that the A2 will not be launched this year.