1.8 TFSI TT Roadster will come with 160 hp and 250 Nm of torque and is priced well below 2.0 TFSI version. The 1.8 TT Roadster, available in standard trim only, sells for 3,445 pounds, or 3,672 euros, less than the 2.0 liter variant (UK).

It sure is a sign of the times that premium automakers are downsizing offerings on their roadsters.

Audi has announced it will now have a 1.8 TFSI version of the TT Roadster that sells for considerably less than the 2.0 TFSI variant.

The 1.8 TFSI engine offers an output of only 160 hp and 250 Nm of torque. Compare that to the latest 2.0 liter TFSI just introduced in the new A4 allroad quattro which features 210 hp and a diesel-equaling 350 Nm of torque.

But the downsizing does, indeed, deliver value to the customer, with the TT Roadster still well-equipped in its standard trim level (the only one available here) with front-wheel drive only. We're talking a saving of 3,445 pounds, or 3,672 euros, over the 2.0 TFSI version ( 23,910 pounds/25,488 euros starting price versus 27,355 pounds/29,160 euros).

As the Audi press release says, this "TT Roadster will make it a little easier for sun worshipers to weather the economic storm." Hey, at least they admit what this is all about.

See the press release linked below for full, uneventful details.

Audi UK Launches Downsized TT Roadster 1.8 TFSI