The theft occurred in the Cleveland, Ohio suburb of North Olmsted.

It sounds like a scene from Gone In 60 Seconds – the newer one with Nick Cage that was fun to watch, but generally not as cool as the original 1970s version. Three men walk into a car dealership and ask for a key so they could hear one of the cars run. After a few revs, they return the key and continue on their way, no harm, no foul. But they pulled the old switch-the-key trick before leaving, and returned after hours with key-in-hand to help themselves into a new Porsche.


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And now, according to the victimized dealership is offering a $10,000 reward to help track down the car boosters.

The incident occurred on May 6 at Bernie Moreno Companies’ Mercedes-Benz dealer in the Cleveland suburb of North Olmsted, Ohio. According to the report, the men initially came into the dealership around 6:30 p.m. and approached a sales consultant, who gave them a key to “the Porsche.” Apparently, the trio was successful in pulling the switcheroo, giving the same sales representative a different key in return. The clever car thieves then returned around 9 p.m. that night to claim their prize. No word on whether or not the sales rep who fell for the charade still has a job.

There’s also no word on what kind of Porsche was actually stolen, which could put a bit of a damper on folks eager to claim the dealership’s alleged $10,000 reward. What's more, such a monetary offering for assistance in recovering a stolen vehicle is rare in the dealership world, which makes us wonder even more about the car. Was this a recent trade-in that somehow wasn’t yet covered under the dealer’s insurance policy? Or perhaps it was just a very cool, rare Porsche?

In any case, the dealership at least has a clear picture of the three perpetrators behind the bold crime. If you’re in the Cleveland area and recognize these chaps, there could be a $10,000 payday in your future.