Toyota Formula One driver Timo Glock spent a day learning to drive a Toyota Hilux pickup truck on two wheels.

Toyota Racing driver Timo Glock chose an interesting way to prepare himself for the Australian Grand Prix. Did he meditate to calm his nerves, or exercise to warm them up? None of the above. Glock spent the day at Calder Park Raceway behind the wheel of a Toyota Hilux pickup truck, learning to drive on two wheels.

Toyota's Hilux Heroes stunt driving team was on hand to give the 27 year-old German driver some pointers, and from the look of things Glock was able to quickly adapt his Formula One driving skills to stunt driving. Hilux Heroes lead driver Jack Monkhouse and Guinness world record holder Lawrence 'The Legend' Ryan demonstrated the required techniques in a 4x2, V6-powered Toyota Hilux whose main modifications consisted of safety equipment. When it was Glock's turn behind the wheel, he managed to get the Hilux up on two wheels in just his third attempt. He managed an impressive 60-meter two-wheel run on his final attempt.

The successful stunt driving was a cheerful departure from Glock's experiences in Melbourne last year, when a terrifying crash launched his car into the air and left him with minor injuries. The crash was severe enough that Albert Park officials made changes to the 2009 course to prevent another such incident. Following his successful two-wheeled drive, Glock was on hand to demonstrate other stunt driving skills to assembled journalists. "This was a lot of fun," he said of his trucking adventure. "Although, I think it would be a little hard to drive a Formula 1 car on two wheels."

That will hopefully not be a concern for Glock as he prepares for the race at Albert Park in Melbourne. Last year Glock finished tenth, an impressive showing for his first full year in F1. His performance in the Panasonic Toyota Racing's new TF109 has been equally promising, as he has been among the fastest drivers in final pre-season testing.

Timo Glock Drives Toyota Hilux on Two Wheels