Vizualtech's Bo Zolland has once again turned his creative magic towards a new Volvo 3D rendering that shows what a possible Holden Ute competitor would look like.

Dubbed the V70 Pickup Concept, the new rendering mixes classic Volvo design traits with an El Camino style body. Up front the brand's S40 face is grafted onto the concept with some minor changes that include aggressive front air intakes and the addition of hood vents. The biggest changes occur out back as the rear features a pickup bed with a flush mounted tailgate, integrated rear exhaust pipes, and iconic Volvo taillights.

As envisioned by Zolland, the rear-wheel drive V70 pickup would be powered by the Volvo XC90's V8 engine that produces 311 hp and 325 lb-ft of torque.

While Bo certainly has a certain fascination for Volvos and pickup ute style vehicles, he has also created a number of interesting renderings which include the Delithium Concept, a Le Mans Dodge Challenger, and an Audi R8 inspired catamaran.


Gallery: 3D Rendered: Volvo V70 pickup aka Volvomino

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