A new trailer for the fourth installment of the Terminator series, dubbed Terminator Salvation, has been released and the new footage reveals additional plot details and some fancy motorcycle footwork.

A new trailer for Terminator Salvation has been released and the footage reveals additional plot details as well as some fancy motorcycle footwork.

Set in 2018, the movie follows an adult John Conner (played by Christian Bale) who leads the human resistance against machines controlled by the artificial intelligence program known as Skynet. Unlike previous Terminator movies, the new film deals with the issue of Skynet abducting people and creating human-like terminators.

The trailer also gives us a clear glimpse at the much-hyped terminator motorcycles which chase a truck driven by Conner, an odd choice considering that Chrysler is an official sponsor of the movie.


New Terminator Salvation Trailer Reveals More Plot Details & Jaw Dropping Action