Following the revealing of the Seat Ibiza comes the release of some computer genrated studio footage of the new generation model, showing beauty footage of both the interior and exterior details of the car.

The 35 miles per gallon 2020 CAFE standards are giving most auto manufacturers quite a head-ache, but students from 32 high schools and 23 universities from Canada, united States and Mexico have shown the way forward. Yesterday, at the 2008 Shell Eco-marathon Americas the Mater Dei High School team managed 2,843.4 miles per gallon (1,208.6 km per liter), that is over 81 times the 2020 CAFE standard.

Mater Dei High School of Evansville, Ind. used a combustion engine prototype vehicle, the school's sixth generation model. Justin Stute, Mater Dei High School team captain said, "Our first run broke the record and then our second car did even better. That really motivated both of our teams to go all the way."

Mark Singer, global project manager for the Shell Eco-marathon said, "Students participating in this competition are the brains of the future, stretching the boundaries of fuel efficiency and providing solutions to the global energy challenge.”

Gallery: Seat Ibiza Footage from the Studio