VW’s skilled apprentices have come up with the tenth Golf GTI for the annual Wörthersee GTI meet and for this year they have chosen a three-door version to give it a makeover. Five women and eight men aged between 18 and 23 specialized in several areas joined forces to create this one-off Grand Touring Injection using CAD and 3D printing technology. The striking wrap with multiple shades of blue came to life on a graphics tablet and we can see even the spokes of the alloy wheels have been color-coordinated with the hatch’s body.

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Although the attached teaser images are not showing the interior, VW says the standard audio has been removed to make room for an upgraded setup boasting 11 loudspeakers and an unspecified number of subwoofers for a total output standing at 1,960 watts.

There’s no word just yet about whether there are any power upgrades or other hardware tweaks, but it looks like this year’s tricked-out Golf GTI is more about putting on a show. One would say previous builds have turned out to be more exciting, such as last year’s 400-hp GTI Heartbeat (pictured below).

The Wolfsburg Edition introduced in 2014 with 380 horsepower on tap was also more exciting, unless this new version is hiding something truly amazing. Going back in time, the 2013 Wörthersee GTI meet saw the introduction of the Golf GTI Cabrio Austria, while before it were the 2012 Black Dynamic and the 2011 Reifnitz.

As for the new one, the unique three-door Golf GTI will be revealed by VW’s apprentices next Wednesday during the 36th GTI meeting. Chances are other members of the group such as Audi, Skoda and/or SEAT will also have something special to introduce at the event. These are all strictly showcars, so production versions are unlikely to be on the agenda.

Source: Volkswagen

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