Here’s one for the affluent Motor1 reader who caught our coverage of the Bugatti-themed Niniette 66 yacht a couple months ago but wasn’t impressed with the on-board fire pit, hot tub, and Bugatti steering wheel. We now present for your consideration the Dynamiq GTT 115 superyacht, and yes, it’s designed in cooperation with Studio F.A. Porsche. After spending some time building our own yacht through the company’s online configurator, we’d easily take this optioned-up boat over the Niniette. Or, we could skip all the options and just buy a Bugatti. More on that in a bit.

Dynamiq GTT 115 Yacht


For the record, Studio F.A. Porsche is owned by Porsche, but the company offers a wide range of design services to numerous clients around the world. So while “Porsche DNA” is technically accurate, the only connections we can make between the yacht and the manufacturer are the rear mounted engines, and the insane prices for the multitude of optional extras as listed in the yacht configurator.

How insane you ask? In configuring our modestly equipped GTT 115 we accumulated $2,230,000 in options over and above the $13,200,000 base price. Among the notable extras were the $278,000 sport package featuring special paint, mahogany and carbon fiber trim, and an exercise bike. We also went for the $61,000 sundeck bar, the $50,000 sliding door for the main saloon, the $300,000 Minotti furniture and accessories package, and since we were feeling saucy, we blew $400,000 (yes, $400,000) on deck furniture. We also went for the matching Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid Sport Turismo for a cool $146,000, which means yes, you could have two and a half Panameras for the cost of freaking deck furniture.

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Don't believe us? Configure your own yacht and embrace the filthy rich jet-setter within.

We chose not to spend $40,000 for a set of throw pillows, $45,000 for crew uniforms, or $50,000 for six sets of Egyptian cotton bedding with matching towels. We may be rich, but we’re not stupid.

This is just the tip of the iceberg (Titanic pun totally intended) for the dizzying list of items available to make your own GTT 115. If, however, your budget for an extravagant yacht stops dead at the $13 million base price, you’ll still get an all-aluminum 115-foot boat with three or four luxury cabins decked out with marble, leather, and carbon fiber trim. Power comes from twin MAN engines that offer a top speed of 21 knots.




If you want one, you better act fast. Dynamiq will only build seven GTT 115 superyachts, and one is already spoken for. Should you decide to pull the trigger, heed our advice: skip the optional $20,000 diving board. It’s just not worth it.

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Gallery: Dynamiq GTT 115 Porsche Yacht

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Dynamiq builds first superyacht with Porsche DNA


Monaco, 17th May 2017. Monegasque yacht builder Dynamiq has joined forces with

Studio F.A. Porsche to create an exclusive series of all-aluminium superyachts imbued with

Porsche DNA. The world famous industrial and transport design studio, lead by Managing

Director Roland Heiler (a Member of the Board at Porsche Design Group) has created both

the exterior and interior styling of the entire range. The first 35-metre Dynamiq GTT 115

Hybrid is already under construction in Viareggio, Italy, while 100- and 85-foot models are

in development and will be presented later this year.


"Taking the spirit of high-performance sportscar styling to the high seas, the Dynamiq GTT

115 is designed to appeal to car lovers and forward-thinking yacht owners who appreciate

the advantages of speed, style and our philosophy of intelligent performance," says Roland



The sporty exterior design by Studio F.A. Porsche matches the yacht’s noteworthy

performance, and the name says it all: GTT stands for Grand Turismo Transatlantic. Two

world leaders in hydrodynamics, both from the Netherlands, were commissioned to create

efficient hulls for the new series. Vripack developed the hull lines of the GTT 115, while

Van Oossanen is responsible for the naval architecture of the GTT 100 and GTT 85 models.

The GTT 115, the first in the series, features a round bilge aluminium hull and a specially

engineered stabilisation system from Humphree with four electric fins and interceptors.

Powered by twin 1213kW MAN engines paired with the latest Fortjes 5000 pods, the

versatile superyacht can exceed a maximum speed of 21 knots and is capable of crossing

the Atlantic with a range of 3,400nm. With a shallow draft of just 1.45 metres (less than 5

feet), the yacht is ideal for the Mediterranean, Caribbean or Southeast Asia.


An optional hybrid power system has been chosen for the first GTT 115 and is available via

the exclusive Dynamiq Configurator. Other notable technical features include two

technical compartments or engine rooms, with twin 45kW Fischer Panda variable-speed

generators located in the bow. This smart layout ensures a silent ambience at night and

avoids smoke and fumes at anchor while the owner and guests are swimming or

sunbathing on the aft platform.


Available in the signature Porsche Carrara white, Rhodium Silver, Chalk or custom Monte-

Carlo Blue exterior colours, the GTT 115 boasts refined lines with signature Porsche elements, such as the

Targa-style mullions or the transom design that echoes the Mission E

concept. The deck cushions feature fabric centres with a classic Pepita houndstooth

pattern, similar to the latest 991 R edition.


On the inside, the sporty yet refined interior features three or four luxury cabins with

Saddle brown and Luxor beige leather with carbon fibre details, and expansive surfaces of

Sahara Noir marble. The furniture and decoration were developed in association with the

Italian designer brand Minotti.


“When we talk about comfort and top service, the ideal for this size of yacht is six guests in

three cabins served by a 1:1 ratio of six crew for genuinely exclusive onboard service,”

says Dynamiq CEO Sergei Dobroserdov. “We also designed the interior ceiling heights to

more than 2.15 metres (7 feet), even in the lower deck cabins: that’s real luxury on a 35-

metre yacht.” In fact, Dynamiq yachts bring the comfort and luxury of much larger

superyachts to a smaller segment of the market. They are aimed at a discerning clientele

that appreciates the builder’s rational approach to creating more manageable yachts.

“Our target clients might include those who are looking to downsize from larger 50- or 60-

metre yachts,” continues Dobroserdov. “They are already accustomed to the highest

standards, but are ready to leave behind the hassle and huge costs of owning large vessels

so they can enjoy the fun side of yacht ownership. The Dynamiq GTT 115 is the perfect

realisation of utmost comfort and a sporty lifestyle in a practical and relatively compact



What truly sets Dynamiq apart as a builder is the ability for clients to configure their

purchase online to their own specific requirements, all within a short delivery time. The

GTT 115 is no exception and can be customised via Dynamiq’s unique Configurator, which

allows the client to personalise every aspect of the yacht, from paint colours to interiors

and electronics, and automatically track the total cost in real time. This easy-to-use

innovation brings complete transparency to the yacht-buying process – just one way that

Dynamiq is seeking to bring about a paradigm shift in the yachting industry.


A limited edition of just seven GTT 115 yachts will be manufactured, making the model a

truly unique collector’s edition. Prices for the GTT 115 start from €11,900,000, with a

short delivery time of 15 months from the date of order.


The first GTT 115 by Studio F.A. Porsche is available for sale with delivery in September

  1. Her world debut will take place at the 2017 Monaco Yacht Show and the yacht will

attend subsequent international events. (