The Mission: Impossible franchise has a sixth entry in production, and a car chase in the movie has us excited. Tom Cruise gets behind the wheel of a classic E28-generation BMW 5 Series and flings it around Paris.

The clip above shows the preparation and eventual execution for throwing the 5 Series down a flight of stairs and into the road. Note that Cruise is behind the wheel of the sedan during the stunt. The star is famous for not using stunt doubles, and that doesn’t appear to be changing for the latest Mission: Impossible film.

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Below, you can see the filming of another of another stunt where the BMW speeds down a route with pillars on each side. The car even crashes at one point and does serious damage to the front fender. It’s not entirely clear whether this happens on purpose, but the crew keeps shooting the same scene with the beat up sedan afterward. An identical 5 Series without the creased corner eventually takes over, and this one has cameras mounted on the body.


For yet another look, the next clip below shows even more of the BMW’s stunts. Cruise also eventually trades his 5 Series for a motorcycle, including a stunt where a bike slides into the side of a car.



Few plot details are available about Mission: Impossible 6 at this point. Christopher McQuarrie is handling writing and directing duties again, like on Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation. Tom Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt. Actors like Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, and Ving Rhames also return for the new film.

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Video Source: StormShadowCrew, adrenalize75

Gallery: BMW 5 Series Mission Impossible Stunt

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