285 horses of SEAT power are to be launched at the start of SEAT Leon Supercopa at Hockenheimring. The limited edition Copa Edition promises to be a real rubber-shredder.

SEAT is continuing its run of limited-edition Leon models with the new Supercopa. The car, to be launched to mark the start of the new season of SEAT Leon Supercopa, is supposed to be a scorcher of note, whistling away at a top speed of 254km/h. Thrusting it forth is a 2.0-litre Turbo FSI engine whose 212kW (285 bhp) shows the real possibilities of FSI technology if applied correctly. That is to say, in the way we at WCF like! As a result of this surge, torque gets a boost as well to the figure of 360Nm. Mind you, the racing version makes 340Nm so you are already a legend in the making driving this car.

As far as the 0 – 100km/h time is concerned, 5.9 seconds should do the trick. Frugality is one of its other latent traits as SEAT claims an average of 8.3 litres per 100km, with a CO2 emissions figure of 199 g/km. To handle all this power, the Leon Supercopa has upgraded brake discs and Eibach springs. Appropriate body kit is a given, this time using SEAT SPORT racing version and black painted 18-inch alloy wheels.

The price for Spanish thrills? Only €38,500. Be warned though; only 55 of these are on offer so space and availability are limited.

SEAT Launches Leon Copa Edition