Next CLS generation, caught here on video during winter testing in northern Scandinavia, is expected in 2011,

Here we get to see the next generation Mercedes CLS on the move during winter testing in northern Scandinavia.

There's not much new revealed here, as we have already seen this iteration of the CLS in spy shots over the last couple of months.

The CLS is the segment-creating sedan/coupe that Mercedes launched in 2004 that sparked a run by luxury automakers on creating such 4-door, 4-seat sport coupes. One can give the CLS credit or blame for that, depending on your perspective. You may also have your opinions about the low, sloping roof-line of the CLS but it does, indeed, look like a Mercedes that's been squashed by King Kong.

The CLS is still quite a time aways from its release, as it is slated for a 2011 launch. So, it might end up looking far different than even this heavily camouflaged version.

Love it or not, though, the CLS will come with the best technology that Mercedes has to offer, including a S400 BlueHybrid version, as evidence of Mercedes's green restraint, and a road-munching AMG version to try to satisfy the seemingly insatiable desires of luxury sports sedan fiends. And who are the people who buy those cars, exactly?


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