If these fan-made renders are any indication, the answer is a qualified yes.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we suspect the Mercedes AMG GT Concept has many such beholders. When it was finally revealed to the world a couple months ago in Geneva, there was considerable praise for its arching fastback shape and sweeping lines that echo the CLS-Class.

There was also no mistaking the intent by Mercedes designers to aim the AMG GT Concept squarely at the Porsche Panamera, and specifically the E-Hybrid model. With a biturbo V8 and an electric motor, the concept makes a combined 805 horsepower while also having the ability to run solely on electricity for a greener drive.


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Now, we have some fan renderings courtesy of Aksyonov Nikita posted at behance.net that turn the AMG GT Concept into a wagon. We won’t beat around the bush – this car looks spectacular as a proper long roof. The concept’s fender flares are an ideal complement to the bulkier rear haunches of a wagon, giving this render an extremely natural look. It’s dead sexy, and frankly, if Mercedes puts the AMG GT Concept into production, it would be a monumental facepalm to not offer an estate version.

Not surprisingly, the whole thing reminds us of Porsche’s big Panamera Sport Turismo reveal. Also not lost on us is the particular shade of blue chosen for this Merc render, which certainly resembles the blue long-roof Porsche that debuted alongside the AMG GT Concept in Geneva. It’s safe to say the Sport Turismo made some pretty big waves in the world of exotic, high-performance family motoring, though we can’t help but attribute part of that to the wagon’s svelte good looks compared to the controversial, awkward styling of the Panamera sedan. So many people wanted to love the standard Panamera but couldn’t stand how it looked. The Sport Turismo took care of that.

Mercedes would have no such trouble with the AMG GT Concept. It looks great as-is, and thanks to these excellent renders, we know how much better it could look as a wagon.


Source: Behance.net

Mercedes-AMG GT Concept Wagon Renderings