Is it or isn't it? That is the question being asked about this picture, on whether it is the authentic leak of a 2010 Citroen C4 or just a fake.

Autojournal, the French publication, is betting that this picture above is an accurate depiction of the next Citroen C4, a car due out in 2010. The jury is still out on whether it really is the C4, but we like what we see in general. C4 has been a good success since its launch and although not directly troubling cars like the Golf and Focus, it provides a viable alternative for those looking at quirky styling and interesting interior design aspects of a car.

Next C4 will have versions such as a 3 door and 5 door like the current model, as well as station wagon, coupe cabriolet and Sportlounge which is inspired by the stunning concept of the same name. A hybrid engine could be on the offering to add to the usual petrol and diesel options.

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