The Chevy Camaro convertible and the Camaro Z28 have been put on hold thanks to the worsening economy. Different problems have caused each delay, and may result in cancellation.

GM has announced that the Chevy Camaro convertible and the Chevy Camaro Z28 will both be delayed indefinitely. A company executive has cited a few different reasons for the indefinite delays in an interview with

Problems with the Camaro Convertible began with the demise of the German supplier picked to build the car's top. Camaro line exec Gene Stefanyshyn said, "We're looking to find an alternative source for the top." Unfortunately, he continued, even if a new parts company was found quickly it would still take months for that company to ready production. The delay means the convertible might not be ready for well over a year, if it comes out at all.

The Chevy Camaro Z28 would cost about $50 million in development and production before it would wind up on showroom floors. Even though the 570 hp car would probably sell well, $50 mil is not something readily available in the GM company coffers these days. "It would cost too much," said Stefanyshyn. This is not necessarily the death knell for the Z28. GM would like to eventually bring the car to market, but not before getting into better financial shape.

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