The owner knew something was amiss when the bear started honking the horn.

Friends, please bear with us on this story. It’s not that this is a touchy subject – a young bear climbed into a Honda Pilot in a Roanoke County, Virginia neighborhood, presumably in search of snacks hidden within. The intrepid bear, which we suspect may have seen John Candy’s classic film The Great Outdoors, then proceeded to lock the doors and lay on the horn in the wee hours of the morning. Don’t worry, the bear was fine and no humans were on the menu.

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The challenge here is avoiding the irresistible urge to throw every bear-related pun we can think of into this short article – and we can think of a lot. Anyone who writes for a living will appreciate the dilemma here, especially when such material is offered up like a picnic basket full of honey.

Getting back to business, bears are inquisitive and absolutely capable of opening car doors. The head slapper for this story is that the Honda’s owner said he’d seen bears in neighborhood before, and apparently something tasty was left in the SUV. It’s not that one expects bears to break into cars – last time we checked it was Goldilocks stealing from the bears. But bearing all this in mind, wouldn’t it be smart to keep outside vehicles locked regardless of the circumstances?

Roanoke County Police were called in to assist the Pilot owner, who understandably wanted nothing to do with the situation. Through a complicated process of opening the driver side rear door, police freed the mischievous bear which scurried away without so much as a warning about forest fires. As for the Pilot’s interior – well it looks like a hungry bear was locked inside for an indeterminate amount of time. It will take more than a pine tree air freshener and some Gorilla Glue to make things right.

As far as unusual events go, this ranks right up there with the Cubs winning the World Series. Do you now suppose this Honda Pilot owner will be locking his vehicle up at night? Does a bear shi – never mind. You get the point.

Source: Fox 8 Cleveland, CBS New York