It’s certainly an original idea.

The world of cars and the world of video games are intimately linked. This lasting relationship is perhaps the inspiration for these authors to meld the two worlds into singular creations. The idea is a simple one: create a car based on a particular game console. Game Boy color fans will certainly recognize the example below.

Voitures consoles de jeu


Jennings Ford Direct in the United Kingdom is the group behind these bizarre creations. To cover a broad spectrum of gaming systems, the dealership selected eight consoles from different eras beginning with the classic Atari 2600. Also included are the Sega Genesis, Sony's Playstation II, the XBox 360, and from Nintendo a range of "cars" based on the original NES console, the Gamecube, the Game Boy Color, and finally the new Nintendo Switch.



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Some renderings look great, like the image of the Playstation van (top feature image) displaying its aggressive, slightly threatening lines. The Nintendo Switch Cabriolet (below left) has a bit of charm, while the NES-inspired model (below right) is both manly and befitting of 1980's Japanese car culture. Tastes and colors are of course a matter of personal opinion, so we'll simply present these oddball designs for what they are and let you tell us if they're a touch of cool or simply ridiculous.

Voitures consoles de jeu
Voitures consoles de jeu

With the advent of autonomous driving, future automotive designs may go in a very different direction from the familiar shapes we know today, making such quirky video game designs impossible. Autonomous features will certainly have significant impacts in terms of aesthetics, including a complete rethink of passenger compartments. It remains to be seen what forms these cars will take tomorrow, but we wouldn't mind riding around in a vintage Nintendo van. 

Source: Jennings Ford Directs

Models in the gallery below, in order of appearance: Game Boy Color, Gamecube, NES, Nintendo Switch, Playstation II, Sega Genesis, Atari 2600, and Xbox 360

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